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Monday, October 17, 2011

Caution - Road Work Next 2200 Miles

We left Appleton late this morning but before we went south we had to go to Simon's Cheese Factory one more time. Picked up some fresh cheese curds, crackers, and another chunk of hand-selected sharp white cheddar. Gotta have food for the road!
Drove miles and miles through rolling farmland dotted with picture-perfect barns, silos and white clapboard homes. It was pretty for a few hours then the landscape changed to a boring sameness. I wish the farmers in the midwest would take pity on us city slickers and put up a sign or two to identify their crops like the farmers do in California.... :)
For lunch we stopped at........Culver's! Bet you were surprised......hahahaha
Of course there were miles of road work to traverse - large orange cones, single lanes, big trucks, crazy drivers, you know ...the usual.
And then it started to rain. Just what we needed... :)
Actually, it wasn't too bad especially when compared with SNOW. Just enough lightning to make things interesting.
Unfortunately it was too dark to see the Mississippi River as we crossed into Missouri but we did get to see the lights of downtown St Louis. The Arch was just spectacular, glinting in the dark. I don't know if we will get to go inside the arch but I will definitely be taking a ton of photos.
Our experience with our hotel was not nearly so pretty. The first three rooms we were assigned were not clean and we were close to leaving. The poor night desk clerk finally found us a clean room and reduced our rate. I will be having a little talk with the manager tomorrow.....
Speaking of tomorrow, Sonja has made us reservations for tea. Really looking forward to seeing her and more of St. Louis.


Tricia Morris said...

Ugggh. . . nothing worse than road work, rain and darkness! Glad you arrived safely, even if they didn't exactly delight you at the hotel. Enjoy tea. We'll be thinking of you today!

Nancy Y said...

oh you two are lucky getting to meet up with Sonja in her new city! Have fun and I hope you have smoother "sailing" on the rest of your road trip road work-wise!

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