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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Great Laramie Blizzard of October 8, 2011

It was just supposed to rain - really, that's what reported. But I'm here to tell you, the weather folks were WRONG! The day started out well, overcast with a sprinkle here and there but nothing to cause concern. We stopped in Rawlins for a late lunch (we had a heck of a time just finding a place to eat!) and to gas up the car. After lunch, Lucy had to make a phone call. I interrupted her and said, I think we need to leave. Right now. It was starting to snow. It continued to snow but it wasn't very cold (about 40) so I hoped it would stay that way and not be a problem.
I was wrong.
The closer we got to Laramie, the colder it got and the more it snowed. Lucy drove with determination and skill and didn't once roll down the window and scream. (I thought that was a real triumph.) We got just north of Laramie when the traffic came to a complete halt. Luckily, we were close enough to Laramie to have cell phone service so I went online to check out road conditions. Yep - the road was closed between Laramie and Cheyenne. The problem was, there was no way to get off the highway and go back to Laramie. Nothing to do but wait and see what happened. It was encouraging to see the snowplow go by so we held out hope of reaching Cheyenne. We sat on the road for about 40 minutes and tried desparately not to think about needing to use the bathroom. Finally we were allowed to drive on. The snow was still falling and the temperature was still dropping, 2 of the 3 lanes were covered in snow but Lucy just followed a semi truck (at 35 mph) and we made it safely to Cheyenne. We felt much better after we consoled ourselves with dinner at Sonic.
Now for the bad news. The road between Cheyenne and Mount Rushmore is closed. No way to get there so we are changing our route. We will be driving across Nebraska and Iowa rather than South Dakota and Minnesota. Oh well. Mount Rushmore isn't going anywhere so someday we will be able to visit. When there is no possibility of snow..... :)
We have a lovely suite and since Lucy was just a wee bit traumatized by her snow encounter we will be hanging out here for a couple of days.


Marcia Spohn said...

oh my goodness, and we were worried about the snow over Donner Pass! Maybe next year you can go to the august retreat and see the presidents heads @ Rushmore!
nancy (using her mom's computer) in Spokane, no snow but fairly cool!

Queen of Dishing said...

Oh nooooo snooowwww! Sorry bout you missing Rushmore but glad you are safe and sound in Cheyenne.

Monica said...

Glad you both made it through the snow!!

If you're going through Iowa, stop at Elk Horn to visit the Danish Windmill and pick up some Danish souvenirs, then drive a few miles to Kimballton and see a replica of the Little Mermaid from Copenhagen. It's worth the small detour!

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are safe! Imagine snow!!!


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