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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Day in Salt Lake City

Our day started with a breakfast of left-over BBQ and sweet potatoes. It was a little weird to have babyback ribs in the morning but they were sooo good.... After our little meal we loaded up the car and headed for Temple Square.
It was not what we were expected. We both had envisioned buildings situated around an open square, which is not the case. However, the buildings and grounds were beautiful so we took quite a few photos. Some of those will be posted later. We started in the South Gate Visitors Center where we were helped by smiling, eager, squeaky-clean young adults. I was most impressed by all the interactive computer displays. It was interesting to see the temple rooms where only LDSers are allowed to enter. They also had a cool scale model of the temple that was open on two sides so you could see how everything was laid out.
Other buildings we saw were the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall, the Mormon History Museum and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We went to the Family Search Center in the Joseph Smith Bldg. Lucy wanted to find info on a great, great (maybe a third great) grandfather and I was trying to get info on my mom's first husband. I did find one military record but nothing else. I think Lucy was more successful but clearly we have way more work to do.
After our search we had a really nice lunch on the tenth floor. The restaurant had fabulous views of the Temple which meant more photo ops. It was sweet to see all of the brides and I don't think I've ever seen more double strollers in my life! We ended the day at Temple Square in the Museum - the highlight for me was a special exhibit of quilts.
Tomorrow we're back on the road - taking Hwy 80 to Cheyenne, WY.

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Farley said...

Just your listing all of your stops is so nostalgic for me. So far your stops of Wendover, SLC and Cheyenne are places I have stayed as a child driving with my parents to IL and NJ. Really enjoying your travels. Are there any LSS in Cheyenne?

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