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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Almost Time!

We had a good day in Appleton today. Farley, Lucy and I went to The Mother Ship (Club Scrap headquarters) to pick up our October kits and got to chat with Rita, Tricia, Kay, Jac, Lori and Ron. No one would divulge a single secret, dang it, so we will just have to wait until Retreat officially starts, which is tomorrow. Needless to say, we are all rather giddy and breathless with excitement - you can tell by the increase in the number of exclamation points and happy dance smilies on the CS message board.
After leaving CSHQ we did a WalMart run then stopped in at the Fox River Mall. We just had to go to Pensky's Spices and the tea place next door....just doing our part to stimulate the economy, ya know.
And guess where we had lunch - yep, Culvers!
Tonight we met up with over 30 retreaters for dinner at Lombardi's, the steakhouse located in the hotel. The restaurant crew was great and of course so was the food. It was a perfect way to get the party started.
FYI - I'll try to post every day but no promises. Starting Monday I will definitely be back to daily reports.
Lucy and I really appreciate all of the comments and we are glad people are enjoying our travel blog.


Tricia Morris said...

Wow. . . Lombardi's for dinner? Nice! That's a "special occasion" place for us for things like anniversaries 'n such. Glad you got to enjoy it!

Queen of Dishing said...

Oh bless that staff's heart! Pre-retreat dinners can be CRAZY! Glad you made it safely and have a BLAST!

LUCYG said...

yeah and some of us are planning to go back on Sunday night for lobster. Depends on how much $$$ we have left after hitting pro shop. LOL

Liz said...

Dear Lucy and Diane...OMG just discovered your blog! Fantastic adventure and sooooo much more to come. Enjoy Retreat (like I really need to say that) and keep stimulating that local economy! Thanks for giving us a window into your adventure. take care, Liz Raaka

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