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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Club Scrap has once again done an excellent job in giving us a long weekend filled with cool classes, really useful presents (love them all), tasty food and plenty of opportunities to hang with our CS peeps. Last thing on the agenda is the farewell brunch tomorrow morning. Dinah always cries which makes me cry too. It will certainly be a "no mascara day" for me.... :)
Our plans for tomorrow (after brunch) include laundry, packing, another visit to Culver's and dinner at Lombardi's. Lobster for Lucy and Connie but of course, not for me. (I don't eat spineless creatures..... LOL)
Monday morning we will say good-by to Appleton and hit the road for St. Louis.
Hmmmm.....I wonder how many Culver's are between here and Missouri????
We will keep you updated - stay tuned!

1 comment:

Nancy Y said...

Will you two ever tire of Culver's?
I'm guessing you'll be seeing Sonja - make her take you up in the Arch!!

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