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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

Another busy day on the trail. We started with breakfast at a little diner then went to the Grand Canyon. I have always been fascinted with how the Grand Canyon just sort of sneaks up on you. It's a 54 mile drive from Williams to GC and there is nothing in the scenery that even hints that such a spectacular sight is just around the corner. We went to the Mather outcrop, took a few photos, saw the short movie at the visitor center and did some shopping at the bookstore. We didn't stay long since we needed to get on the road.
It was a rather dull drive from Williams to Kingman. Best thing I can say for that section of road is Lucy found a Sonic.
Everything was going well until we were almost to the Hoover Dam area. Then the traffic came to a dead stop. You guessed it - road work! LOL In spite of the delays we made it to the hotel at around 5:30. After checking in, Lucy spent a few hours with her family and I took my great-niece out to dinner.
Tomorrow we will have breakfast with Lucy's son, DIL, and grandson then it's back on the highway. It will be our last day on the road - we will be in Benicia by tomorrow night.

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Tricia Morris said...

I hope your last day on the road is a breeze!!!! Be safe!

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