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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St Louis

What a lovely lovely city! Stately old homes, tree lined streets, a beautiful museum, trendy shops, bars, restaurants and more. And of course, the Arch.
This morning I went to the St Louis Basilica. I don't have words to truly convey the beauty of this spectacular church. I took some photos which I will post tomorrow night but I'm sure they won't do the church justice. The place is huge. The entire ceiling was covered with brilliant, sparkling mosaics and the altar was just amazing. I wandered around, gazing up at the ceiling until the noon mass.
The hotel was on a street lined with a mix of buildings. Large old homes and apartment buildings are next to new condos and apartments from the 1960's. Some are in good condition, others are a bit shabby but genteel. I loved it.

Sonja picked us up around 1:30 and did an excellent job as tour guide. We had tea at the London Tea Room, went up in the Arch (OMG), had dinner at Sweetie Pie's (soul food restaurant featured on Diners, DriveIns and Dives and on OWN), a starlight tour of St Louis and a visit to Sonja's apartment. We had a fantastic visit but it was way too short.

Tomorrow - Oklahoma City.



Farley said...

How fantastic you were able to spend time with Sonja. Glad you are turning the coach towards home now. I recall Oklahoma City with an oil derrick right on the Capital grounds, LOL. Hoping for good weather for you on your Southern route home.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What? No cute boys? I thought Sonja had lots of cute boys for you two to meet???

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