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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oklahoma City

List of the roadside attractions Lucy wouldn't let me see:
Jesse James Wax Museum
World's Largest Rocking Chair
Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Store
Midwest Largest Coca Cola Retailer
Meramac Caves
Infant Jesus of Prague National Shrine
Precious Moments Chapel (inspired by Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel)

I'm feeling just a wee bit cheated..... :)

Other "interesting" things seen from the highway:
Fireworks store claiming they had black market fireworks (on a big freeway billboard!)
A bar called Du Kum Inn
An antique mall and/or adult bookstore about every 50 miles
The Kum & Go market

Missouri was weirder than we expected and Oklahoma was prettier than we expected. And other than the obligatory road work, the trip was easy peasy.

On a sad note, we had our very last Culvers meal in Springfield. No more Butter Burgers or turtle sundaes until we come back to Wisconsin next year. We were so inconsolable the great folks at the Springfield Culvers actually gave us a 50% discount. It was a nice way to end our Culvers spree.

Tomorrow - west to Santa Fe, New Mexico!



LUCYG said...

Diane is making stuff up. I was dying to see the Precious Moments chapel (decorated by hand by the Precious Moments artist in Precious Moments style). SHE wouldn't let ME. Mean Diane.

Tricia Morris said...

Hey, you two. Be nice! Do I have to stop that car????

Sounds like you're still havin' a blast. Lovin' the updates!

Oh, and I could go to Culver's every day, if I wanted to!

Queen of Dishing said...

How many Culver's stops were there in total?

LUCYG said...

LOL Tricia, and Janet, I think we hit 6 different culvers, if I'm counting right in my head ... one of them three separate times. :)

LUCYG said...

And you wonder why I look the way I do. ha ha

Queen of Dishing said...

What's funny is my parents have one in Surprise, AZ and I have been out there probably 6 times since it has opened but never been to Culvers. Need to go. I did have my first In and Out a few months ago now, and I'm HOOKED and don't have one anywhere near here.

Maria Ontiveros said...

So loving your road trip reports. Did you get to the Oklahoma City Memorial? That's one place I would really like to visit.

Hostesses said...

like Janet says, there IS a Culver's in Surprise, AZ. I've seen it, but not eaten at it. Perhaps from New Mexico you could travel to California via the Phoenix area!

LUCYG said...

Rinda, we did visit the memorial this AM before leaving OKC. It was very moving. There's a museum, too, which we didn't visit.

YN, you are just starting trouble!! LOL

~Lisa said...

Thanks to RuthAnn posting the address( I accidentally deleted the email with it) , I was finally able to read your blog, yea!!!!! From everything you have written, sounds like you guys are having a BLAST!!! Can't wait until you both are back and hear even more about your adventures!!
Continue to have fun and enjoy!!!!

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