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Monday, October 10, 2011

Council Bluffs, Iowa

We were so glad to have a day of rest in Cheyenne. We did laundry, went to Sonic for diet cherry limeades, did some crafting and caught up with our Words with Friends games. The only downside was not knowing there was a Culver's in Cheyenne! (For the uninitiated - Culver's is a fast food place famous for their butter burgers and frozen custard. We discovered Culver's in WI during a previous CS Retreat) Oh well....we made up for our lapse not just once but twice today. At the Culver's website you can enter your itinerary and get the locations of all the Culver's along your route. This is a very very dangerous but oh so useful thing!
The road to Iowa for the most part was easy peasy. Great weather, hardly any traffic until we got to Omaha and even then it was light by California standards. However, what is up with all the freakin' road work? It seemed like every 30 miles or so there was some sort of project going on which meant we had to abide by the speed limits or risk a double fine ticket.
Saw some interesting things along the way. There was a house built around a large teepee, a giant statue of Jesus, some strange sculpture on an overpass that looked like huge, spiked medieval weapons, and mile after mile after mile of open land. Even though some of it was pretty in a lonely sort of way it's not a place where I would want to live.
Our little motel in Council Bluffs is a total gem. Nice room, free wifi, wall mounted flat screen tv, and when we walked into the lobby they were serving hot dogs and freshly made chocolate chip cookies. Breakfast is served until 10:30 so we don't have to rush in the morning. All this for $55 (AAA rate). Almost makes us want to come back just for the room..... :)
We are really excited about tomorrow - we will be in Appleton by tomorrow night. For us, Retreat will officially begin and we can't wait.


AnnaRobyn said...

First, I am so happy that you guys are being safe. Second, I wish you'd share more pictures . . . pretty please. And finally, I'm so proud that you're keeping up with blog posting. Can't wait to read more. Have fun my friends.

Anonymous said...

In that part of the U.S., road work is in warm weather cause it's a no-go in the winter!

Thanks for the updates so we RIABers can share in your excitement. Ain't traveling the US wonderful. Such varied environments and spectacular sites. I'm sure you are enjoying all of it every day. Your pics are fabulous!!!!


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