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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First night - Benicia

I made it to Lucy's house. Lucy is busy sending out swap cards and swearing she will pack "soon"......


Farley said...

This is terrific. I will be checking here regularly until I leave for Retreat. Safe trip today ladies. I do see big clouds over the Sierras from last night's storm that went through. Hope you don't have to use your chains.

Nancy Y said...

Safe travels my friends. AR made you a very cool blog! I too hope the chains are not required over any of the mountains you must cross!

Jen said...

Very cool blog. Can't wait to follow your travels across country. I would LOVE to do this some day.

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! The first time I met Lucy she was organizing swap pages and watching CNN - so I guess not much has changed.

Farley said...

I get the feeling that we won't know where they are until we catch up with them next Wednesday in WI. LOL

Lucy and Diane, I hope you are in SLC today, kicking back from your 2 days of driving and find LSS on every corner to investigate.

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